Saturday, August 16, 2014

Home Buyers DOs and DON'Ts

Doing your homework before you buy can make all the difference and avoid mistakes when buying a home:

  •  Identifying all available financing options based on your monetary situation
  •  Understanding the local real estate market to determine pricing and location options
  •  Narrowing your search to what is available in your price range
  •  Familiarizing yourself with local schools, shops and other neighborhood amenities
  •  Obtaining a proper home inspection to identify problem areas that could prove expensive
  •  Don't make any other major purchase (such as, Car, Appliances, Furniture) or otherwise moving  money around that could affect your credit rating
  •  In some financing situation, buying before you sell can affect the down payment and could necessitate  interim purchase financing
  •  Not buying with resale in mind
  •  Don't looking for the "perfect" home rather than the best home for your family's needs
Purchasing a home is one of the single largest and most complex investment you’ll ever make, it’s wise to utilize the help of a Realtor who can guide you through this monumental step in your life.